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Black Cumin & Black Cumin Oil


The black cumin  is a fruit taken from a plant growing in the Mediterranean sea region , reaches up to 50 cm, it has been used  for the manufacture of medical products since thousands of years by the ancient Egyptians, and the fruit of this plant contains a white capsule inside the seeds , Which quickly turns black when exposed to air.

Ingredients of black seeds

The black cumin , according to medical & chemical researches , contains of :

Hard oil

The black cumin contains up to 35% of hard oil and the relative composition of the fatty acids of this oil is : –

oleink  acid, lanolin acid, nolinic acid, arrachidic acid, ekzadainok acid, Palmitic acid, acetic acid, astric acid, acidic acid, and estrolates.

Volatile Oils

The most important components of the black cumin , consisting of a volatile liquid available at 1.5%, and possess aromatic aroma and pale yellow color, and the most important components: Thymokinon complex, and a little dhydrothaimokinon, and a high proportion of paraciamine, and contains the Fabainin, Phenols, sugars, starches, minerals such as phosphates, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.

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